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Fernald's Neck

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Fernald's Neck is a collection of beautiful hiking trails located right here in Lincolnville. For the dreamer, it's an enchanted forest. The forest is dense enough to immediately seclude you from the busyness of life and surround you with the enchanting scent of cedar, yet open enough for plenty of warm sunshine to fall between the trees. The forest floor is decorated with all sorts of plant life and mushrooms of such vibrant color, it's as if the little trail leads right into a fantasy land. There are several paths to choose from, all of which are fairly short and easy to complete in a couple of hours at most. The terrain is rough and uneven with the raised roots of many trees, so it's not recommended for hikers who need a smooth or paved path. But for those who are limited on time and still want the beautiful forest experience and lake views, Fernald's Neck has several short trails, including a 0.2-mile walk straight to the water. This is one of Lincolnville's great local treasures and a must-see for nature lovers.


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