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Mount Battie

The summit of Mount Battie is without doubt beautiful any time of year. Located just a few minutes away from the inn, Camden Hills State Park offers hiking trails, stunning views, and picnic areas.

Hike or drive to the top and, on a clear day, look out to the distant horizon, dotted with ships and islands. During spring, the barely-budding trees reveal small roads down below, just waking up with life and preparations for the coming season. In the summer, the town below is lush and green and the bay is alive with ships and kayakers. But autumn...autumn is what these hills were made for.

In autumn, the rolling hills are bursting with vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, green. Leaf peepers might search the world for such amazing views, but Mount Battie is the place to get stunning panoramic views of the hills, the bay, and the town below. It's absolutely gorgeous and anyone looking for fall foliage in New England will be thrilled with what Mount Battie has to offer.


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