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Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland is the perfect spot for a good-weather picnic and a good walk. This lighthouse has the unique aspect of not being located on the shore, but rather at the end of a rocky path about a mile into the water. The path is what makes this place so special; the joy is in the journey. It is made up of stone slabs laid out similar to a brick path, except these stones are about a hundred times larger. I imagine this is what ants feel like when they cross a cobblestone street. The huge stones are set with wide gaps between so those venturing out onto the path need to watch their step! But in good weather, there are plenty of families, children, and grandparents exploring the path to the lighthouse. The rocks are rough enough to provide good traction and prevent slipping, but not so rough that it would damage soft-soled shoes. On either side of the path is serene water, gently rippling in the ocean breeze. It's not a place to visit in a storm, but a sunny morning is perfect for photographers.


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